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Etinerra Wargames - Orcs of the Bloody Axe v. Southron Duchy, Duchy of Pisces

I am running several wargames campaign in my Etinerra world, which hosts all of my AD&D/D&D games. It's been a fun way to explore my world, set some action into it that the players experience on different levels, and to allow me to play as well. The vast majority of my wargaming is solo play, with some convention/event games thrown in.

My wargame campaign rules (which are available here, if you're curious) are based primarily on two books: Tony Bath's Setting Up a Wargames Campaign and The Solo Wargaming Guide by William Silvester. They've been invaluable in my progress. I've also grabbed bits here and there, such as a set of rules for Solo DBA/HOTT. (De Bellis Antiquitatis, Hordes of the Things)

(I should note that my rules are constantly in flux, so if you grab a copy, sometimes I update them quite a bit, especially if I'm in a bit of playing, like I am now.)

Using HOTT/DBA to resolve contacts/conflicts means I can do several battles in a weekend's…

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