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Etinerra Lore - The Horrible Source of the Eye Tyrants

Ever heard of Basil Wolverton, the cartoonist? I hadn't until early last week, when Grand DM posted this picture on Twitter.

This lovely image is from a comic released in 1952 by Marvel under their Mystic series - it was called "Eye of Doom". Give it a read, it's pretty creepy, by 1952 standards!

However, since I steal liberally from all sources, the following is what that image inspired in me ... the source and reason that Beholders exist in my campaign!

Summer 23, 945th Year of the Kings
I have done it! I have finally translated the works of the famous mage Fyce Oe'too! At last, the spells and writings that he left in that forgotten tower are mine. This is what I've worked years and years for. Master Kelix, afraid of my power that I had come into, tried to scare me with childhood nightmare stories. He was once my teacher, but I have long surpassed him and this was just a vain attempt by him to keep me away from real power and spells of ultimate value!


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