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My new favorite brushes - Kalish Finest

Miniatures depend on 4 things - quality of the figure, skills of the painter, the paints they use and the brushes. The first three are worthy of other posts, but it's brushes I want to talk about. For a long time, the well known and very good Winsor Newton brand of brushes have been my Go-To brush, but lately, I've become impressed with another brand - Kalish's Finest Brushes.

Winsor Newton's are awesome brushes, but they are fairly expensive. Last I checked on Amazon, a size 0 brush runs about $13.29 for Prime customers. So, OK, you pay for quality and my size 0, one of my main brushes, has held up pretty well. Unfortunately, my size 1 and size 2 Winsor Newton's have not, even with careful cleaning and taking care of them. 
A search on The Miniatures Page had turned up an interesting recommendation about this really Geocities-looking website called "Kaslih's Finest." Apparently, these brushes, made with kolinsky sable, are manufactured in Ireland and…

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